The Truth about Sacajawea - Kenneth Thomasma, Agnes Vincen Talbot
Sacajawea was a Shoshoni woman who was an interpreter on the Lewis and Clark expedition. She was a mother, a wife and a very important part of the expedition. It is hard to know much of Sacajawea's life, as most of what is known about her is the journals of Lewis and Clark. So over the years some of the information about this amazing woman isn't accurate. The purpose of this book is to give people the the truth about Sacajawea.The author tries his best to be as accurate as possible, even talking with the Shoshoni people, whom he has been friends with for many years.The book includes a message from Rod Ariwite, representing the Shoshoni people as well as maps of the expedition routes and journal entries about Sacajawea.I've read a number of books on Sacajawea and I think this is one of the best. Since There is only so much known about Sacajawea, I think it can be quite hard to write about her life and I think the author did a good job considering the limited information there is about her.Sacajawea is a person who has long held my interest and I feel a connection to her, which is quite hard to explain. Although I have probably read everything (or at least almost everything) there is to read about her, if I see a book about her, I still read it and hope maybe there is some information that I don't know already. I already knew most of what was in the book, however, there were still a few pieces of information that I hadn't read before. The book was also well-written and had very nice illustrations.If you are looking for a book about Sacajawea, this would be one I'd recommend.