My Dog May Be a Genius - Jack Prelutsky, James Stevenson
This is a collection of poetry by Jack Prelutsky. I've read a number of his books now, having discovered him only a few years ago. I know that his poetry is for children, however, I can't help but love it. Prelutsky's poems are fun, silly and he's definitely not afraid to play around with words, which is what I love about his poetry. One of my favorite poems from book is called A Skunk Sat in a Courtroom on page 24:A Skunk Sat in a CourtroomA skunk sat in a courtroom.A judge was on the bench.He held his nose and shouted"What is that dreadful stench?""It's only me, Your Honor," the skunk said in retort."I thought I heard you callingfor odor in the court."How you cannot just love that? It's so silly and fun. Reading it made me laugh. Jack Prelutsky may write poetry for children, but I think his poetry will even appeal to adults. It's just so fun and I definitely recommend this collection.