100 Women Who Shaped World History (100 Series) - Gail Meyer Rolka
I must admit that I got really into this book. The information about each woman isn't very detailed, it is only a page long for each woman, but you get the basic information about the lives of each woman and it really just makes you want to learn much more. I knew about some of the women in this book, but there were many I hadn't heard of and reading about the lives of these 100 women were very inspiring. I definitely want to learn more about each of the women in this book and hopefully learn about others who weren't mentioned in this book.The only disappointing thing was there weren't many Native American women mentioned in this book. Just Pocahontas and Sacajawea, however, they are important to learn about too. But it would be nice if a few more Native women were added into the book, Lily of the Mohawks and Wilma Mankiller are just a examples. But besides that, this book was really good, very interesting and I definitely recommend it for anyone interested in learning about some of the women who have shaped history.