Christina's Ghost - Betty Ren Wright
Christina "Chris" has to stay with her uncle Ralph while her grandmother is in the hospital. Neither are very happy about it, as Chris doesn't like being around Ralph since he is crabby, and Ralph doesn't much like tomboys.She and her Uncle stay at an old house and on the very first day there, Chris sees a little boy. Soon she realizes that he is a ghost and wants to find out why he is there.I really like Chris. She's a neat character and her Uncle ends up not being so bad after later in the book. I've read a few other books by this author and I like how she handles adult characters. They're flawed and often don't always know best. Like the young characters in her books, the adult characters too are just learning, and I like that the adult characters eventually can admit when they are wrong. I think this book had a good story. It was interesting and exciting and I wanted to know more about the history of the house as Chris did. I read through it pretty quickly as it wasn't very long and also because I wanted to know what happened next.It's a really great ghost story without being too scary for children, but it is intense and mysterious enough for anyone who loves ghost books will enjoy it