700 Sundays - Billy Crystal
Wow. Well, what I can say about this book? I've liked Billy Crystal for a long time. I've watched his movies from the time I was a kid and the City Slickers movies are definitely some of my favorites. However, I've never really know much about his life. This book is about his life growing and the time he spent with his dad, who he lost at 15. The book was touching and really, just so funny. There were so many parts that just made me laugh out loud (his grandpa farting was just too much).I honestly didn't know what to expect this book, but I found a wonderful and touching biography. I laughed and other times my eyes were filled with tears. This book isn't a full biography of his life, it is mainly about when he was growing up, his time with his father and his family. But it was a very good book. If he would ever write another biography, I would definitely read it.