Count Karlstein - Philip Pullman
10 years ago Count Karlstein made a deal with Zamiel, the demon huntsman. That deal is soon coming to an end and Zamiel will be coming to collect his part of the deal. The deal was Count Karlstein is to give Zamiel prey, two humans and Count Karlstein has decided to sacrifice his two nieces.Hildi, the maidservant, overhears his evil plan and knows she has to do something. She can't let anything happen to Lucy and Charlotte. So, Hildi comes up with a plan of her own.Philip Pullman is a favorite author of mine, but it has been awhile since I've read one of his books. I choose this one as it is one I hadn't read yet. And this book reminded me just exactly why Pullman is one of my favorite authors. He puts together a story filled with action, mystery and a bit of the supernatural.The book is split into three parts, first part is narrated by Hildi. Part two is narrated by various characters and it actually works out rather well. It was neat to get inside the head of other characters from the book besides Hildi. The third part is again narrated by Hildi.I quite liked the characters. Hildi was very nice and caring. She didn't want anything to happen to Lucy or Charlotte. And of course, there is Lucy and Charlotte. You really have to feel for them, their uncle wants to give them to the demon huntsman to save his own life. Plus, there are other wonderful characters that do their part for the story.I really thought this was a great book. I love it. It just has all the right things to keep a story interesting and make you want to keep reading.