Beast - Donna Jo Napoli
Orasmyn is a young prince. But his makes one mistake and it angers a pari who curses him. He must leave behind his family and Persia. He makes his way to India and back, then finally to France, where he meets Belle.I know the story of Beauty and the Beast, like I'm sure many do, from the Disney movie. But this book caught my eye, it is the story of the beast and how he was cursed, how he had to become accustomed to being a lion so he could survive. He left behind everything he knew. Orasmyn struggles as the beast, struggles to keep Orasmyn, that part of himself that is still human. He has to deal with loneliness and feeling that no one will ever love him. Especially a human woman. After all, who could love a beast?Eventually in the story Belle comes along. She is afraid of beast, but she stays, gets to know him the best she can. She watches him, the way he hides when he eats, that he prays every day. Over a matter of time, they both love each other. Beast can't stand when Belle is away and Belle when visiting her sick father, realizes how much she misses her new life and how much she loves beast. I really like the story. I like the way it is written, how the words flow together. I'd recommend it for anyone who likes the Beauty and the Beast movie and wants to know about the beast's life, how he came to be cursed