The Hollow Kingdom (The Hollow Kingdom Trilogy: Book I) - Clare B. Dunkle
Sisters Kate and Emily come to live Hallow Hill after their father dies. The girls don't know of the land's history, of the stories about young girls vanishing and never being seen again. The girls are trying to settle in, but Kate feels uneasy. She feels as if she is being watched. One night, after meeting Marak, Kate learns she was right in feeling uneasy.This was a book that hooked me right from the first few pages. I thought Kate was quite a brave character and she could be clever, too. I'm not quite sure exactly how I feel about Marak, or Kate and Marak's relationship for that matter. There were times he was kind and actually very sweet. Other times he just seemed uncaring and cruel, Kate's feelings didn't matter, as he had to do this for his race. I do think he could be very caring though. It's just there were two different sides to Malak, hid goblin side and his human side, I suppose you could call it. I do think their love was sweet. It took awhile but over time, Kate definitely did love him and I do believe he loved her too, in his sometimes odd ways. He was good to her though. I also liked that her becoming his wife was on her terms, not his. I really did love the book. I liked the characters and how the story involved magical beings no one thinks exists. It was really an exciting book and I know I'll be reading the other two books.