The Death Ticket - Jay Bennett
Gil lives with his aunt and uncle. His mom died when he was young and his father left. Gil's older brother is Gareth, who is a dwarf and he always insists everyone calls him The Dwarf. Gil loves his older brother, even if they don't talk or see each other much. It seems everyone else can't get over Gareth's size and he is very misunderstood. Gil, however, does his best to see his older brother in another way and tries to understand him.But after receiving half of a lottery ticket from Gareth, both their lives will change forever.This is the second book I've read by Jay Bennett and I really like his writing style. I think it is different from any author I've read. I also liked reading the parts between Gil and Gareth (The Dwarf). They were definitely different from each other, but no matter what, they were brothers and loved each other. I really liked that. I do think the book was sad though. Very sad, and I think in a way, it shows a person losing their innocence. Gil, in a way was innocent and he saw the world through innocent eyes. The events that happen sort of shattered that innocence he had. But it was a good book and I look forward to reading more books by this author.