Gallows Hill - Lois Duncan
Sarah just moved to Pine Crest with her mom. She instantly didn't like it and wanted to go back home, but her mother insisted on staying, so she could be with Ted.She doesn't get along with Ted's daughter, Kyra and she isn't really making any friends. Although, she prefers it that way. But then, Eric Garrett comes to Sarah with an idea - he wants her to be a fortune teller at the high school fair. Sarah finally agrees. She wears a Gypsy custom with a earphones hidden underneath to get information about the people who are coming to her for a reading.But weird things begin to happen with the paperweight she was given to use as a crystal ball. Images appear and tell her things that she couldn't possibly know. I like to read books about Salem, whether they are fiction or non-fiction. I thought this one was amazing and unique. It's set in modern times and is about teenagers who live in a very conservative small town. It is sort of like a modern day Salem Village. But the book deals with the idea of reincarnation and is used very well. That is what I think is unique about this book; it is about Salem, but it's about people who lived in the past and were reborn and must live their karma from Salem. It was definitely an interesting idea to use and it worked very well.The book could be pretty intense at times and sometimes I just got so mad. A lot of the people in the town were very close-minded and didn't believe Sarah at all. It was very irritating and I think one of the characters that made me mad the most was Ted. He was very controlling and wanted everything his way. Actually, most of the adults in town that were close-minded seemed to be very childish. But of course, I liked Sarah and her friend Charlie, as well as his parents.It's really an amazing book. I loved it and it's now one of my favorites by Lois Duncan. All I can say to Lois Duncan is well done! You wrote a very good book.