Maria Tallchief - Tallchief,  Maria/ Kaplan,  Larry
This is the biography of Maria Tallchief, who was a Ballerina. The book is very well-written and I loved reading about Maria's passion for dancing, how she thought she could never give it up. It's a passion I understand, it is the same passion I have for writing. Her relationship with George Balanchine was interesting to read about. I can't say whether they were in love with each other, but they cared about each other deeply and had great respect for each other. You can tell this by the way Maria talked about him in the book.I liked reading about all the dances and the places she went. Maria had quite an amazing career and I liked reading about her life. I thought the biography was very detailed; it gives you a very good look into the life of the Prima Ballerina, Maria Tallchief. I'd recommend it.