The Amityville Horror - Jay Anson
I'm sure that most people know the story of Amityville. The Lutz family bought a home that a family was murdered in only a year before. But that didn't bother them. It was their dream home so they bought it and moved in. Things began to happen and it only increased. After 28 days of living there, the Lutz family left.I've done a lot of reading and research about this story. As someone who has had paranormal experiences my whole life, I definitely believe in the paranormal. And reading about true ghost stories always greatly interest me. I am not a skeptic whatsoever and I always read about others experiences with an open mind. However, the story of Amityville Horror, I've never been sure that I could believe it. I mean, there is lots of evidence that it is all made up. I'm not sure that it is all made up, but I do not believe that house is haunted by an evil spirit.As I said, I've done lots of research, including reading about the house since the Lutz family left and no one else has had the problems they did. So, no I don't believe the house is haunted by anything evil like they said. What I do believe is that the activity that did occur was caused by George Lutz. And I say this because a few back months back the channel Chiller aired a documentary called "Real Fear: The Truth Behind The Movies" and the paranormal investigators interviewed one of the Lutz children. He said that things did happen in the house and his stepfather, George, was into doing Satanic stuff. This would explain why nothing has happened in the house since they left. The activity only happened to them because someone in the house was doing Satanic stuff. I do believe the son and what he said. It all made a lot of sense and really brought somethings together, as well as answering a few questions of mine.That being said, even though I've always been unsure if the story is true, I still wanted to read the book and honestly, it wasn't a bad read at all. It's actually pretty interesting and definitely holds your attention throughout the book.