Night Stalks The Mansion - Constance Westbie, Harold Cameron
Harold Cameron, his wife and five children had to move to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, due to his job transfer. During the time they moved, there wasn't any places to rent and so they had to lived in a small, cramped motel room.It seems like a miracle to Harold when he reads in the paper about the mansion with 17 bedrooms, which is more than enough room for his family. And when he finds out how much the place is to rent, he thinks the place is too good to be true. The Camerons signed a two year lease and moved into their new home. Everything is going fine until they begin to hear someone walking the stairs at night. They try to look for a logical explanation, but when they can't find one, they just have to accept they live in a haunted house.This book is based on a true stories and I love true ghost stories. This one happened in my state of Pennsylvania, so that made me even more interested to read it. If you're looking for a book like The Amityville Horror, then this one isn't for you. This book isn't really scary; the house isn't haunted by demons, or any type of evil spirits. It's just haunted by ghosts who went through, or even caused, some bad experiences. While the book wasn't exactly scary, there were sometimes that chills went down my spine, especially when all the pieces finally fit together. The book was a little slow at parts in the beginning, but it eventually picked up and when it did, I couldn't stop reading. Besides reading about the family's experiences in the house, you learn the history of the house too, which is interesting. I gave this book four stars, but I'd actually give it four and a half stars if that were possible on goodreads. It was a very good book and I really enjoyed reading it.