The Arrow Over the Door - Joseph Bruchac, James Watling
Samuel Russell is 14 and has been called a coward for his beliefs of peace between all people. It's the summer of 1777 and it is a time of fear. Samuel knows there will soon be a battle. He knows his family and the rest of the people in his town are in danger from the British and Indian raids. But fighting is not the friends way.Stands Straight is a young Abenaki is on a mission to scout for King George. To him, all Americans are enemies. They killed his mother and his brother. But when Stands Straight and his party come upon a Meeting house, they find Americans unlike they've ever seen before.The Arrow Over the Door is a historical fiction book, based on true events of the Easton Meeting, but most of the characters in the book are fictional. Joseph Bruchac, along with the help of his sister Marge, have done their research well and in my opinion, have retold an important story in history that is mostly forgotten.I had never heard of the Friends, who are Quakers, until I've read this book. It was interesting to learn some about Friends and I will continue to do my own research to learn more. I think the book is great, it handles some intense and important issues of that time period well. The book is seen through two perspectives, that of Samuel who is a Friend and Stands Straight who is Abenaki, which is interesting and you learn the two boys aren't all that much different. I think the most important message of the book is that of peace. All humans can live in peace. I recommend this book to anyone who likes history, especially lesser known history. It's short, easy to read and has a great message as well as a note from the author, Joseph Bruchac, which is also great to read.