Lyra's Oxford (His Dark Materials, #4) - Philip Pullman
This book is set two years after The Amber Spyglass and Lyra is now 15 years old. Lyra is watching birds, and notices that a bird is being attacked by other birds. Soon she realize that it is no normal bird; it is someone's daemon.Since there is no human near; Lyra figures this must be the daemon of a witch because a witch's daemon can be far away from them. Lyra saves the daemon and is asked by the daemon for help to find a man named Sebastian Makepeace.This book is very small and you can read it quickly. Even though it is short, I enjoyed it. Lyra's Oxford is a nice little story about Lyra and Pan and I wish it were a bit longer, but it was still a nice read. I think that fans of His Dark Materials would like this book.