Hidden Roots - Joseph Bruchac
Sonny is 11 years old and he has to live a life of secrets, of not asking the questions he wants to ask. They could make his father angry and when he becomes angry, he can be violent too.But Sonny has the love of his mother and his uncle is also there when they need it most. But there are so many questions Sonny wants to ask, so many things he doesn't know about their family. Sonny often wonders if he'll ever know the source of his father's anger and why he's not allowed to talk about certain things.So, this book is about Sonny and his family having to hide their heritage. I thought it was well done. I could feel the tense with Sonny's father and Sonny's sadness as well. There were some parts of this book that made me get tears in my eyes. I know how it feels to have lost your heritage, as my family had to hide their heritage too.I think Joseph Bruchac did a good job with this, with expressing a family's pain over having to hide their heritage and Sonny's pain over never being told. It was a good book, with a nice ending. I only wish it were a bit long, but it definitely good.