Bone Prequel: Rose - Jeff Smith
A rogue dragon is on a rampage and Princess Rose feels she is the one responsible. She finds out how to kill the dragon, but it comes at a price. . . This is a prequel to the Bone series and is about Gran'ma Ben when she was a teenager. I love the Bone series and was excited to read this, as I really like Gran'ma Ben. She is tough and just really an awesome character.However, when I opened the book and saw the illustrations. . . They were very different from the Bone series and honestly, I did not like the illustrations at all. The text was also hard to read at times.As far as the story goes, it was great. It was interesting to see Gran'ma Ben as a teenager and the decisions she had to make were very tough. Overall, I really like the story. It was great, creative and I loved it just because it is a story about Gran'ma Ben. But I just really don't like the illustrations.