The Moon Over High Street - Natalie Babbitt
Joe and his grandmother are planning to visit a cousin. When his grandmother breaks her hip, Joe's grandmother sends him to his cousin Myra's house until she is better and can come there herself.When Joe gets there, he finds that he feels right at home at Myra's house and he quickly makes a friend. Then, he meets Mr. Boulderwall and Mr. Boulderwall knows exactly what he wants.This book could be a bit slow at times, especially in the beginning. However, it does pick up and get more interesting. There isn't much character development though, not much of really getting to know the characters completely. I did like the story though, it was nice and kept me interested the whole time. I also just love Natalie Babbitt's writing. While this may not be one of her best books, it's still a nice read.