The Weekend Was Murder - Joan Lowery Nixon
Liz is excited for the weekend. She'll be spending it at Ridley Hotel, where she works. A famous mystery writer will be there for the murder mystery weekend that was planned.Liz has a role in the murder mystery, too. She is to discover a body in room 1927, a room that is supposed to be haunted.And when it is time for Liz to play her part, she goes to room 1927 and finds a body, but it is not the body of one of the actors.I think this is a pretty neat idea for a book - a murder mystery weekend and then a real murder takes place. I wasn't really sure who the murderer was, but I wanted to find out. It was a page turner, a very enjoyable read and it even had a touch of paranormal mixed into the story, which I think made it even better.It's needless to say, but I loved this book and I kept trying to guess the whole time who the murderer was. This was definitely a great read.