Over Sea, Under Stone - Susan Cooper, Margery Gill
Jane, Simon and Barney are on holiday with their parents in Cornwall. They are staying in the Grey house and one day, while exploring in the attic they found a very old map. They think it must be to some sort of treasure.The Drew children soon find out that the map is much more important than they think. They are soon being watched by people they thought friends and they turn to their Great-Uncle Merry for help in finding what the map leads to.I've wanted to read this book ever since I watched The Seeker movie a few years ago. I really enjoyed the movie. Though a bit slow at parts, this book didn't disappoint. It's really a fun story and you can't wait to find out what happens next.I also really like the Drew children and wish their uncle appeared more in the book. He was a good character, but a bit mystery and it would be interesting to learn more about him. The story is really an adventure about finding something really special. A treasure, but not the kind you think. It sort of makes you want to go on your own adventure after reading this book.