Heroes for My Daughter - Brad Meltzer
This book was written for the author's daughter and you can feel, as it feels very personal. It is wonderful written though and Brad Meltzer picked some great people. Some of the people I even look up to myself, Sacajawea, Dolly Parton and Tina Turner, just to name a few. Through this book, I've found some other great people who achieved a lot in their life.It is a very nice book. One I think adults will enjoy and parents will enjoy reading to their children.One thing I am impressed with is what Meltzer wrote about Sacajawea. It has always been taught Sacajawea was a guide, which is not true. Well, the author definitely did his research and included no myths of this amazing woman. He is also using the spelling of her name which her tribe says is correct, not the one that is accepted.Really good book. I enjoyed it.