Attack of the Fiend (Last Apprentice Series #4) - Joseph Delaney,  Patrick Arrasmith (Illustrator)
Tom, the Spook and Alice will be going to Pendle soon, to deal with three clans of witches. Before going off to Pendle, the Spook tells Tom he should go home and get the trunks his Mam left him.Along with Alice, Tom goes home and when he gets there, he realizes something terrible has happened. The one building is burnt, house broken into and things destroyed. And his Mam's room, the room she gave to him and only he had the keys to, somehow someone got into it and took the trunks. Tom has a good idea who did this and thinks they should head for Pendle right away. In each book Tom, the Spook and Alice seem to face something more horrible than before. Through a large portion of this book Tom was on his own and it was interesting to see how he handled it. I don't think he handled it too badly, especially considering everything he was up against. I also like where he meets his Aunts. It wasn't surprising to find out what they were, especially after the last few books, but a great scene nonetheless.As always, the book is suspenseful and Tibb is a very creepy creature. Tom was really up against a lot in this book.Overall, it was great. I loved it and I'll be reading the next book soon.