A Gift of Magic - Lois Duncan
Before Elizabeth's mother died, she gave her grandchildren three gifts. Kirby would have the gift of dance, Brendon the gift of music and Nancy was given her grandmother's very own gift, which Elizabeth seemed to miss.Now, many years later, Elizabeth is back in her hometown with her own children and Nancy doesn't like it one bit. Changes are happening and she knows it, as she just has a way of knowing things. Nancy wants to find a way to keep everything the same and at the same time, trying to learn about her gift and deciding what she should do with it.I thought this book was very interesting. It was a bit slow at first, but after the first chapter or so, the story definitely picked up. And as for the characters, they all had their faults, they were all selfish in someway. I felt sorry for all the characters at different times in the story, but I think I felt the most sorry for Nancy. The changes seemed to be especially hard for her.I think the book teaches some good messages. One is that we don't always get what we want and even if we know someone is making a mistake, we have to let them live their life.It's not one of my favorites by Lois Duncan, but it was good. I really liked it.