Clash of the Demons  - Joseph Delaney, Patrick  Arrasmith
Tom's mother has returned from her homeland and she needs his help. She wants Tom to come with her to Greece. It's dangerous, but she badly needs Tom's help. He might be her only chance at achieving victory. Wow. I'm not sure what to sure. This is pretty intense and not to mention, very sad at parts. Tom is confused; he wants to be part of the light, but in this book, what his mother asks of him goes against everything the Spook has taught him, it even goes against what his mother has taught. But she has had to compromise and do things she's not exactly happy with to ensure a victory in her homeland. Tom is being asked to do the same and it's very hard for him to do. He fears that bit by bit he is going to the dark, just as the Spook has worried about. I just feel bad for Tom. He's having to go against the Spook's wishes and I think even Tom is disappointed in himself. I can understand why. Book number six was sad, but a great entry in the series. Can't wait to read book seven.