Revenge of the Witch - Joseph Delaney, Patrick  Arrasmith
Tom Ward is the seventh son of a seventh son and that means something special. Tom can hear things, see things that others can't. He becomes an apprentice to the local Spook. The Spook's job is to get rid of evil spirits and witches, to keep the County safe for everyone. Although Tom isn't thrilled about the job, he has to take it because there isn't much other choice. Tom goes to live with the Spook, learning about Boggarts, witches and other things. Until one day the Spook has to leave and get rid of a witch. He leaves Tom behind and Tom is doing well, taking care of things. Bringing home the food The Spook orders every month and then a local girl, Alice, asks Tom to do something for her, something he knows he shouldn't, but would feel bad if he refused her. After all, she did help him once before. Tom agrees, and finds out he must feed cakes to one of the most powerful witches ever. Shocked that Alice is related to the witch, but figures giving the witch cakes from her family will cause no harm...Or will it? This book is the first book in The Last Apprentice series. So far in total there is a about 6 books in a series and two more coming out later this year. Warner Bros. also bought the rights and they are going to turn these books into movies. The first movie should be out later this year and I'm excited to see it. This book is interesting, can be pretty creepy at parts and even though it's a young adult book I really think adults will enjoy this book too. Also if you're really into paranormal type stuff you would probably enjoy this book to, since at some parts Tom Ward encounters ghosts. But, this is the only book I have read in the series so far, and I'm impressed. It looks to be a promising series that I think I am going to like very much