Earwig and the Witch - Diana Wynne Jones, Paul O. Zelinsky
Earwig is an orphan. When she was a baby she was left at the orphanage and has been there ever since. But she doesn't want it any other way. She likes the orphanage, the people there, her friend Custard and most of all, they do what she wants. She's avoided being chosen all this time, but there is one couple that seems to have their eye on her. They pick her and she is taken to her new home. Earwig doesn't like her new home and now has to figure how out to make it so they do what she wants like at the orphanage.I remember when this book was announced in December 2010. I was so excited! A new Diana Wynne Jones book! I didn't care that it was for younger readers; I've read [b:Wild Robert|1018241|Wild Robert|Diana Wynne Jones|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348318412s/1018241.jpg|1004381], which is also for younger readers and I just loved it. Then only three months later Diana passed away and this became her last book. I pre-ordered this book when it was finally to be released in America in 2012 and I've waited all this time, nearly a year later, to read it. I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to read it, but I think it is because I know it's her final book and I just wanted to wait a while before I finally sat down and read this story for the first time. What motivated me to read the book is because a blog has been doing a Diana Wynne Jones month in March since 2012. This is the second year for it and I decided this would be the book I read.The book isn't very long and is a quick read, but it sure is fun! I quite like Earwig and Thomas, the cat. The things Earwig does to the witch is funny, getting back at the witch for using her.The story is exciting, fun and fast-paced. The book hooks you and it's very easy to get right into the story. Earwig is definitely an interesting character.After I finished reading it, the book left me wanting more. I think this would have made a wonderful series. Perhaps that's what Diana Wynne Jones was planning? If that's the case, it won't happen now. However, this is still a wonderful book. A very enjoyable read. I certainly loved it.