The Last Apprentice: Slither (Book 11) - Joseph Delaney
Slither is bound by a trade he made with the farmer. If the farmer were to die, Slither must take his two youngest daughters to their aunt and uncle's house to live. In return for this, Slither can have Nessa, the farmer's oldest daughter, to do with as he wishes. Now the old farmer has died and Slither must carry out his side of the trade.I think this book took a little while to get used to. Not exactly because it is from the view of another character. This was done very well with book 9, as it was from the view of Witch Assassin, Grimalkin. Slither, however, I think is a very different character. It's hard to decide to whether to like him, or not. I suppose one could say the way he thinks is just how his people are. They have their own laws, customs and such, so it's no wonder he doesn't think what he, or his people do, as wrong. Sometimes though, there is a glimpse that there is a different side to Slither. He worries he is softening, which happens sometimes with haizda mages. Perhaps he is, or maybe he just thinks a bit differently than his people.I think Slither is an interesting character and he is complex. I was never really quite sure what to think of him.I liked Nessa. She was as brave as she could be for the situation she was suddenly in. Besides reading the book from Slither's view, there are parts and chapters where it is Nessa's view as well. I think her anger is understandable, considering she is expected to give up her life and it was done without her ever knowing.I also liked that Grimalkin had a part in the book. It made me like her even more. She's just awesome and I won't say anymore as I don't want to spoil what part she played.But with some new characters introduced, new ideas and even this new land that Slither is from, I wonder if it will somehow play a part in the next two books in the series? I guess I will find out whenever they are released.I did enjoy this book. It was a good read and I'm looking forward to September, when book 12 will be released.