The Witch of Blackbird Pond - Elizabeth George Speare
Kit's grandfather has passed away and now that he's gone, she only has one place to go. Connecticut to live with her aunt and uncle. Kit has lived all her life in Barbados and life in Connecticut is much different. The Puritans have a much different view of things than Kit does. They are already suspicious of Kit and when they find out she is friends with a local woman who they think is a witch, things get even worse.I read this book because the Salem Witch Trials is something that has always interested me. I enjoy reading non-fiction and fiction books that have to do with the witch trails. This book, however, isn't directly involved with the Salem Witch Trails. It is set in Connecticut, but Puritans live there and they are suspicious of Kit because she is different to them. She does and says things they find odd. They also believe a poor old widow, who is a Quaker, is a witch. But even the people in Connecticut experience a bit of madness that happened in Salem. Hannah, the widow, and Kit are the ones accused of witchcraft. But I think this book is more about Kit's journey in this strange, new world that she's had to move to. She does her best to fit in, but she doesn't really understand their way of thinking. Kit is a very strong-willed character. She believes what she does is right and I like that about her. She learns to like her new home, but she never loses herself, she doesn't really changer herself completely for the people there. She stays true to herself and I thought that was great.It was quite a wonderful book. I enjoyed it very much.