The Spook's Tale: And Other Horrors - Joseph Delaney, Patrick  Arrasmith
This is part of The Last Apprentice series, but not a main entry in the series. Instead the book has three stories from three of the characters of the series. The first tale is John Gregory's, next is Alice and the last is Grimalkin, the Witch Assassin. John Gregory's tale is about when he was younger and exactly how he became a Spook. As is known from the other books, he was older when he finally decided to begin his training as a Spook. This tale explains exactly how he met his master and experiences with the dark early in his life. I enjoyed the Spook's tale and honestly wouldn't mind if there would be another book written that was just about John Gregory and his training as a Spook.Alice's tale is about when she went to Pendle to find Tom's brother and his family. It explains how she was captured and when she eventually was rescued. Before that though, some is explained about Alice's life and how she came to be with Bony Lizzie.And the last tale is of Grimalkin and how she became a Witch Assassin. It's also explained why she dislikes the Fiend, but if you've read book nine 9, most of her tale will not be new to you.Next there is a gallery of villains, explaining a bit about each and has a sample from the book each they appear in. So, Although this isn't part of the main series, I still enjoyed it and I think any fans of the series will like it.