Taken - Thomas H. Cook
Taken by Thomas Cook is based on the 2002 TV miniseries of the same name. It spans five decades and four generations. The story centers on three families. The Keys, who have been taken by aliens. The Crawfords, who are trying to cover up the truth about aliens. And finally, the Clarkes, who took in one of the survivors from the crash.I read this simply because I loved the miniseries. I watched it for the first time almost two years ago and it was just simply amazing. The story, the acting, all just great. The book, too, has the same great story, but it moves at a very fast pace. The book is only 355 pages and it has to cover from 1945 to 2002, so it's no surprise how quickly the book moves along.I think it might have worked better if instead of one book, there would have been more. The descriptions could have been longer and it wouldn't have had to move so quickly. However, the book is still good. Still enjoyable and it makes me want to watch the miniseries again.