Behind You - Jacqueline Woodson
Jeremiah and Ellie were in love. And then he was killed. Now Ellie and everyone else that was in his life is trying to move on from their loss. It's not easy for them or Jeremiah.I read If You Come Softly in 2009. It was recommended to me by a friend and I really loved the book. It was just filled with emotion and it instantly became a favorite of mine. I decided to read this since it was the sequel. The same characters are in it and they are trying to move on from losing Jeremiah. What I really like about this book is that the author still has Jeremiah in it and shows that death isn't really death. The physical body is dead, of course, but Jeremiah was still there and he was still Jeremiah. He watched over all those he loved.Then, there was the people who loved him and how much it was for them to move on. He was gone. He was there no more and it was just hard for them. Ellie was in love with him, Carlton lost his best friend, parents lost a son and even Kennedy lost something when Jeremiah died. But in the end, it brought them all together and they have each other, they slowly move on and get back into the flow of life. I liked If You Come Softly better, but Behind You is still good. It's well-written and I like the way the author handles the subject of death and moving on. I'd definitely recommend it to those who have read If You Come Softly.