Horror at the Haunted House (Frightmares) - Peg Kehret
Ellen and her brother Corey have been asked to play roles in the haunted house at the local historical society. Both agree to do so, with Corey being the most eager. He's wants everyone to hear just how good he can scream when he gets his head "chopped off". Ellen, however has a strange feeling about the mansion where the historical society is. She's had feelings like this before and they never end well.On their first visit, Ellen experiences feeling cold and she doesn't know what it is. She really doesn't know what to do when the mansion's ghosts begins appearing to her. Who will believe her? And what does exactly the ghost want with Ellen?I think the book started a little slow, but it definitely got better. Ellen and Corey were likable, even if Corey was a tiny bit annoying. Ellen's experiences were definitely interesting parts and the book kept me guessing. It was a mystery and a ghost story all in one! I also liked reading about the haunted house and the part Ellen played.I also think the book teaches a good lesson and that's not to fear what you don't understand. If you don't understand something, it is best to research and not make any judgments beforehand. I thought it was a good book. It's one I will be buying and reading again.