The Ruins of Gorlan (Ranger's Apprentice, #1) - John Flanagan
Will is an orphan. He never knew his mother or father. But the note that was left with him said that his father was a brave man and Will has always imagined his father being a mighty warrior, a knight.And when choosing day comes, Will wants to go to battleschool to become a knight, but he is refused. But Halt, the Ranger, accepts Will as his apprentice. Will didn't really want to be a Ranger, but goes along with it and finds that being a Ranger's apprentice is better than he thought it would be.The book made me a bit teary eyed at parts, especially at the end. Will is a good character, always questioning things so he can learn. Halt is kind of mysterious, but I liked him too. He seems to try and hide, but he cares about Will and others. Horace took me a while to like, but it was because he was kind of a bully for a while. He becomes a much more likable character later. The story was good, interesting and fast-paced.This book was a bit slow at different parts, but overall, a really enjoyable read. I'll read the others in the series.