The Awakening - Marley Gibson
Kendall and her family move from Chicago to the small town of Radisson, Georgia. Since moving there, Kendall hasn't been able to sleep very well. To try and help her sleep, Kendall's dad brings home a white-noise machine for her. But she hears more than just the sound of the machine. There is a voice coming through the machine too!I've had this on my to-read list since sometime in 2009. What made me want to read this is because it is about a teenager being able to see spirits and eventually, ghost hunting. I have seen ghosts since I was a kid. I've had many experiences with the paranormal and became a paranormal investigator when I was fourteen. So, this book completely sounded like it was for me. I love reading paranormal books, fiction and non-fiction. I also just thought it was cool that the character is a teenager and ghost hunts since I started ghost hunting as a teenager.But I'm going to be honest, I was disappointed by this book. When it came to knowledge of the paranormal, the author definitely knows what she is talking about. But I couldn't relate to Kendall. She was just . . . I'm not even sure what the right word is. Annoying, maybe? And I also know that when I was teenager, I didn't talk like Kendall nor did any other teens I knew. The most interesting parts of the books, which kept me reading, were when she and her friends went ghost hunting. But even some parts of the ghost hunts were annoying. Kendall getting bored and shouting her frustrations in the place of their investigation, Celia constantly asking Kendall what she is sensing and getting seemingly annoyed when Kendall doesn't respond right away. Also, drama between the group members and even Kendall with her mother.However, it is not a horrible book. Probably the best part of the book, the part I liked, was their investigation near the ending of the book. This is a book I've been wanting to read for a while, I thought I'd love it because of what it is about and thought I'd be able to relate to the main character. But I can't. I don't hate the characters, but most of them aren't that great and could be very annoying.So, while I didn't entirely enjoy the book, the ghost hunting parts did keep me reading and the author does know what she is talking when it comes to ghost hunting. I'm not sure if I will continue this series since I didn't really enjoy this one. I might read the second one, to see if it's better, but it won't be for a while. I just know I was really disappointed with this one, especially since I was looking forward to reading it.