The Dreaming, Vol. 3 - Queenie Chan
Not many students are left and things continue to get stranger. And the missing girls show up, right outside the school. Amber speaks to Millie, who gives her a warning. And Mrs. Skeener has gone missing. Now Jeanie, Amber and Miss Anu are trying to figure out what's going on.A lot of my questions were answered in this volume, but some of the mysteries were still unanswered. Such as, who is "her"? I know she was a student, but it's never revealed who she is exactly.I thought all three volumes were really good. I like the story, the mysterious feel of it all and it could be intense at times, especially since you didn't really know why girls were going missing right away. But I feel the ending was kind of sad. It seems that school will forever to in Jeanie's mind. Sure, she's went on to have a career and all, but I don't think she came from that school the same person she was when she first got there. And Amber had the most changes of all, but I won't reveal what, as it'll spoil the series.Really good manga trilogy. I liked it a lot.