Goody Hall - Natalie Babbitt
Hercules Feltwright was an actor, but decided to leave his acting troupe in exchange for the career of a tutor. And a tutor is needed at Goody Hall, where he is headed. There he begins to tutor Willet Goody, who is the only child of the widow Mrs. Goody. Willet's father is supposed to be dead, but he doesn't believe that is so. Soon he involves Hercules and together they search for the truth about Willet's father.This book was a little slow to start, but it turns out to be quite good. There is a bit of mystery, which I definitely liked. The characters, I think, are all a bit strange in their own ways, but that makes them interesting.I found this to be a very enjoyable read. I love Natalie Babbitt's style of writing. Her stories are just so. . . I'm not sure I can find a word for them. But they are imaginative and this one was just as good as others I've by her. I found that I really loved Goody Hall and it's cast of characters. It's a rather charming book that I would definitely read again.