Pemba's Song: A Ghost Story - Marilyn Nelson, Tonya C. Hegamin
Pemba has just moved from New York to Connecticut because of her mother's new job. Pemba isn't happy about this. She's left all her friends and boyfriend behind to come to some nowhere town in another state.And if that wasn't bad enough, it seems that the house she and her mother are living in is haunted.I was excited about reading this book. I read a lot of YA books because that is what I enjoy and I also love ghost/paranormal books. Plus the main character is African American. I think it is great to find YA books with main characters of a different race/culture. And I wanted to like this book, to like the main character. But I felt that the author made Pemba into a stereotype. She is African American and likes rap music, writing rhymes and talks slang.The book wasn't bad, the story was interesting, but I'm disappointed that the character seemed to be written as a race stereotype.