On the Day I Died: Stories from the Grave - Candace Fleming
One night, after midnight, Mike is out driving and he's going too fast. Suddenly, there is a girl in the road. He puts on his brakes just in time and soon finds out she needs a ride home.He takes there, but she quickly disappears and leaves her tennis shoes behind. He takes them up to her house and finds out she's not there. In fact, she has been dead for over 50 years and every year on the anniversary of her death, she appears to get a ride from someone and leaves her shoes.The girl's mother directs him to the graveyard where she is buried, so he may return her shoes. Mike goes to the graveyard, which is a graveyard for teenagers, and leaves her shoes with the many other pairs there. He thought that would be it, but it's not. Ghosts of teenagers appear to him and begin to tell him their death stories. . . I love ghost stories. Ghost story book are some of my favorite to read, fiction and non-fiction. This book has ten stories and I think the most interesting part is the fact it is the ghosts themselves telling each of their stories. The book was good and each of the stories, as explained in the end, all based on a tiny bit of truth. Overall, I think it was a unique and good read.