Mockingjay  - Suzanne  Collins
Katniss Everdeen, the girl on catch, has survived the Hunger Games twice. She is now the Mockingjay and face of the rebels. Being the face of the rebels was not her intention when she was going to the Hunger Games and it's not a role she exactly wanted. But nonetheless, it is a role she decided to take on for many reasons. The Capitol wants Katniss dead. They even bombed District 12 and it is no more. Katniss knows she has to become the Mockingjay and destroy the Capitol.I didn't read the Hunger Games when it first came out, or even when it first became popular. I read the first book last year, after seeing the movie. I decided to read Catching Fire before the movie releases later this year and right after finishing Catching Fire, I just had to start reading Mockingjay. I had to know what happened next.To say this book was intense is an understatement. Katniss has greatly changed throughout these books. She goes from being the girl in the first book that I wasn't really fond of, as I didn't find her that likable, and to the person she is in Mockingjay, someone who is scarred, but likable and relatable. This book put me through so many emotions and I had a hard time holding in the tears. I felt everything Katniss felt. Katniss is strong, despite being only seventeen. She fights for those she loves and would even give up her life for them. And then putting myself in her situation, living in a world that is like Panem, where everyone is controlled and has to listen to the Capitol. Watching children being placed into games where the fight to the death, being a child yourself and worrying that you will be one of the players in such a horrible game. It's unimaginable and a frightening thought to think the world could ever be such a horrible place. It's hard to know what anyone would do if they were placed in Katniss's situation. Now after reading all three books, I can say that I greatly enjoyed the series and I have to say the Mockingjay is my favorite in the trilogy. It's also the darkest and the saddest as well. I even found the epilogue to be sad, just because of everything that has happened and the fact that Katniss will for as long as she lives, remember the horrors of the Capitol and the Hunger Games.Also, there were definitely some twists in this one. Like with President Coin. I think she would have been another Snow.I'm also happy that Katniss ended up with Peeta. I thought she would. While she greatly cared for Gale, I could tell Peeta was the one she was in love with.So, the trilogy was great. I'm glad I read it and I'm looking forward to the rest of the movies.