Once on This Island - Gloria Whelan
It's the summer of 1812 and Mary lives on an island with her father, brother and sister. Things are nice enough. Mary loves the island where she has lived all her life, but news comes that war has broken out between America and England.Feeling a duty to his country and to island which the British have now taken over, Mary's father decides to join the war and fight for America. Mary, her brother and sister are left behind to care for the farm until the war is over.I think the book was a little slow to start, but it's a very good story of family, love and even learning to accept those who are supposedly enemies. I liked Mary, who I thought was a strong character. She is the youngest of her siblings, but it often doesn't seem that way. She seems to be really mature and responsible. Although the war and her father being away does get to her after a while, which is expected. I really enjoyed this book. I like the story, the characters and the lessons it taught. I'd really like to read the next book in this trilogy.