The Fairy Rebel - Lynne Reid Banks, William Geldart
Jan was once an actress, but an accident left her with a limp. Now she's married to Charlie, who she loves very much, but she's not happy. They can't have a child.And one day, while sitting in her garden, a fairy touches her by accident and Jan is able to see the fairy. Jan could hardly believe it. A real fairy! She finds out the fairy's name is Tiki and eventually tells Tiki of her problem, that she can't have a baby.Soon thanks to the help of Tiki, Jan and Charlie are blessed with a beautiful baby girl they name Bindi. But now they have to worry about the fairy Queen because all of her fairies must love and obey her or else.This is not a very long book, but it sure is fun! I really enjoyed the story and the characters. Sure, it's not a deep story, but I think it teaches you to stand up when someone is doing something wrong. It's a nice little fantasy book that I think people of all ages would enjoy.