Time of the Witch - Mary Downing Hahn
Laura and Jason are spending the summer at their Aunt Grace's house while their Mother goes back to school. Laura's not happy about spending the summer at her Aunt's house, she's not happy that her parents are getting a divorce. Why can't everything just stay the same? She so badly wants everything to stay the same. And it seems Laura will get her wish, if she lets Maude, who is supposedly a witch, help her.I was really having a hard time deciding what rating to give this book. I decided on a 3, but it's really more of a 3 and a half. I did like it, but it's one of those books that the further you read, the better it gets. So it starts out okay, then gets increasingly better. I think at least Laura could be a bit annoying, but she's not a bad character. She's just really hurt and confused about her parents and who could really blame her? No one wants their parents to divorce. Besides being suspenseful, it is also about divorce and what really makes a family. It is a mom, a dad and kids? Well, yes and no. But sometimes it can just be a dad and kids, a mom and kids. Or no parents, but kids and a grandparent. It's a good suspenseful book and one that teaches some good lessons along the way as well.