Running Out of Time - Margaret Peterson Haddix
Jessie is 13, lives with her family in Clifton Village, Indiana and the year is 1840. At least that's what she thought. The children in her village are very ill and could die. So Jessie's Mother tells her the truth - the year is really 1996 and they live in a historical village for tourists to come and see. But something has gone wrong, no medicine is being sent and people aren't allowed to leave. But Jessie has to escape so she can save the children of her village.When I read on the back cover that one of my favorite authors, Joan Lowery Nixon, said this book was "Top-notch Suspense", "Highly imaginative" and a "terrific first novel", I knew I was in for a good read. Jessie thinks the year is 1840 and as anyone can imagine, quite shocked when she finds out the truth. I liked Jessie. She was afraid at times, and honestly, who wouldn't be? But despite her fear, she was brave and went for help to save the children.There was definitely plenty of suspense and twists. Especially about why the village was actually created, but I won't say why in my review, since I don't want to spoil it for anyone. I will just say this was a very good book, very suspenseful and at times, very emotional. This would be a good I'd read again.