Drowned Ammet  - Diana Wynne Jones
Mitt lived with his parents on a farm, but the rent kept going up and eventually, his father had to live to find work elsewhere. Mitt and his mother were left behind to continue to work on the farm, but the rent continued to go up and no longer could they pay it.Mitt and his mother to go Holand to live with his father. Life isn't easy there. It's not happy like the one Mitt had with his mother and father at the farm. And Mitt's father is part of the Free Holanders, it sets things in motion for his life to change even more.The book starts out a bit slow, but soon picks up. It doesn't continue from the previous book, but briefly mentions the previous book's events. It is set in the same world as Book One, but has new characters. Besides Mitt, there are also Hildrida and Ynen, who are some of the Earl's grandchildren. They are wealthy, fed and taken care of, but aren't happy. Their lives have already been planned for them even though they are still children.It seems that with Mitt, Hildrida and Ynen, they have all had to grow up early. The theme it seems throughout the book is that your parents may not always be there for you. So I felt very sorry for Mitt, Hildrida and Ynen. I felt especially sorry for Mitt. Hildrida and Ynen's father may seem to ignore his children, but he really does love and care about them. Whereas Mitt, I don't know about his parents. His mother I believe does care for him, but she certainly lets him be put in a lot of danger. The adults that did seem to care for Mitt's well being were other members of the Free Holanders and his stepfather, Hobin. Towards the end, there was a twist, something I did not see coming and it made me feel even more bad for Mitt. I won't spoil it in my review for those who haven't read the book yet.But even with the lack of parental guidance, Mitt, Hildrida and Ynen turned out to be great characters. At first, they weren't very fond of each other, being that Mitt is poor and Hildrida and Ynen are wealthy, it seemed their lives were just completely different. But they ended up being friends, despite what differences they may have.I really enjoyed the book, as much as I enjoyed the first one. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in this series.