Wolf by the Ears - Ann Rinaldi
Harriet Hemings is a slave of Thomas Jefferson's and has been all her life. But she's been well cared for, educated and not worked very hard. In a few short years she'll be 21 and that means she will be free. Harriet doesn't want to go, doesn't want to leave her home. How could she? She loves it there, but Harriet soon realizes taking her freedom will be for the best. And so she begins to prepare for her leaving when she turns 21.This is a historical fiction book about Harriet Hemings, who historians believe is a child Thomas Jefferson had with his one slave, Sally Hemings. I've read one other book by this author and thought it was quite a good book. I liked this just as much. The author was able to take a story of a real person from history and mixed fiction along with it and it worked well. Harriet has a very strong voice. Her emotions are right there, all out there for you to feel. She is white and African, she is confused. Is Thomas Jefferson really her father? She doesn't want to leave her home and yet she knows she has to. She has to leave everything behind to fit into the white world.I feel that I was able to relate to Harriet, being of a mixed heritage myself, sometimes it can be confusing and hard to find your place. Sometimes you think there is no place for you, that you cannot be yourself. I related to Harriet's feelings and her confusion. But, Harriet was strong, too. She had courage and no matter what she would be always Harriet Hemings.The book was very good. If you like historical fiction, I definitely recommend it.