A Taste of Blackberries - Doris Buchanan Smith, Charles Robinson
A Taste of Blackberries is a story about two best friends. Jamie is a jokester and is not afraid of anything. The story is narrated by Jamie's best friend, who is never named. But one day Jamie is messing around a hole that bees live in. He stirs them up and gets stung. When he falls down, his best friend and everyone else just thinks he is faking. So, fed up with Jamie's antics, his best friend goes home until the bees settle down. And a bit later finds out that Jamie died from being stung.The story does kind me somewhat of My Girl, but I know this book was out quite awhile before that movie ever came out. The book was sad, of course and even made me tear up. The book isn't very long, but still, I feel I got to know Jamie and his best friend. I felt his death and the confusion his best friend went through. So it is a good book about dealing with death and how life moves on and how the person who passed away wouldn't want you to stay sad forever, they would want you to live your life.