Legacy of Lies - Elizabeth Chandler
Megan was invited to her grandmother's house, a person she has never met and a person who has had wanted nothing to do with her until now. She has had dreams of the house, her grandmother's house, although she has never seen it and when she comes to visit, Megan begins to have more dreams. Then, other strange things begin. Stuff is being misplaced and Megan wants to find out exactly what is going on.I picked this up from the library and wow, I really liked it. Interesting story, lots of mystery and I was kept guessing until the end about a lot of things. I like Megan. She was a good character, not afraid to speak her mind and really wanted to find out the truth. Her grandmother was harder to like, but at the very end, she turned into a more likeable character. Matt was an interesting character, I wasn't sure whether to like him or not, at first. I also liked Sophie and Alex and actually wished they were in the story a bit more.I really enjoyed the story and what it had to do with. I don't want to spoil it by saying anything more, but I thought it was really good and well done. I definitely want to read the rest of this series.