Raven's Gate  - Anthony Horowitz
When he was eight, Matt's parents died. Afterwards he moved in with an aunt he barely knew and now after getting caught stealing and his friend stabbing a guard, Matt doesn't have many options left. He chooses to do a program called LEAF. Matt is sent to the middle of nowhere to live with his new guardian and things just seem strange. He soon finds out he was brought there for a reason and begins to discover who he really is. Many years ago I found and read a book called The Devil's Door-bell by Anthony Horowitz. I just loved the book. The story was exciting and I was hooked right away. Anthony Horowitz never finished that series of books, but later revisited it and took ideas from it for The Gatekeepers series. I can definitely see many influences and similarities from The Devil's Door-bell in this.This book was quite an enjoyable read. It had lots of action and had an interesting story. I'm definitely reading the next one in the series.