The Hollower - Mary SanGiovanni
The Hollower is a thing. It can change its appearance and even change the world around it. It can sense weaknesses and will hurt its victims however it can. Dave, Sally, Cheryl, Erik and Sean are about to find out how just how horrible this thing can be.This is my first book by this author. This Saturday I am going to a book signing in which Mary SanGiovanni and others will be there. I found this author after reading some books by Brian Keene and thought I would give her books a try. The Hollower is a story that follows number of different characters and it switches narratives from character to character. Each character has their own struggle and trying to fight against this Hollower thing. It's not really a person, not really in their world, but rather, in a world of its own and comes into theirs. It's a pretty good story, creative and The Hollower is a creepy monster. Thing. Or whatever you want to call it. I know there are a few sequels to this and I look forward to reading them and other books by this author.