Dark Hollow - Brian Keene
Adam is a mystery writer. He lives with his wife Tara and dog Big Steve in a small, quiet town in Pennsylvania. He makes enough from writing that he was able to quit his day job.During the day he writes, takes care of things around the house and takes Big Steve for a walk every day. One day while on one of their walks, Adam and Big Steve hear strange pipe music, which takes them deep into the wood. Both see something they can't believe and shortly afterward, women begin vanishing. Adam doesn't know what to do, but he has to share what he saw with someone.This is book very, very loosely based on the true events of Rehmeyer's Hollow and if you know about Rehmeyer's Hollow, then you'll see where the author added in bits of that true event.With that being said, this is the kind of book when you read the first few chapters, you wonder what you are getting yourself into. It is just crazy and definitely unbelievable.I wasn't sure how I felt about the book when I first began reading it. I liked it, definitely. I wasn't sure if it was going to be one of those books that I greatly enjoyed though. But it was. It gets better and better as the story goes along. And wow, is the story a crazy one! But it is good, it is suspenseful and like Adam, I felt angry at the satyr. I don't want to give away anything that happened, so that is all I will say.I've read a few other books by Brian Keene and he is able to create flawed, but likeable characters. He is also able to create characters that you definitely do not like at all. This is just a really great book. Great story and characters. If you like horror, I recommend it.